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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Profile of an Archaeologist - Bret Ruby

Bret Ruby has devoted much of his life to studying the Hopewell Culture. He was born in Ohio, worked at the Glenn Black Laboratory in Bloomington, IN, and now works at the Chillicothe, OH Hopewell Culture National Historical Park as Chief of Resource Management. Bret conducted research on the Hopewell culture in southern Indiana. Much of his research was conducted on the Mann Site. 

The Mann Site

The Mann Site
Posey County, IN

The Castor Farm
Hamilton County, IN

Glenn A. Black Laboratory Documents

The Glenn Black Laboratory has generously allowed us access to research concerning dig sites in Posey County. Click HERE to access those documents.

Indiana Mound Builders

Indiana Mound Builders site.

The Hopewell Culture

From the Ohio Historical Society, we have the Hopewell Culture site.

The Hopewell Tradition

From Michigan history, we have the Hopewell Tradition site.

How Do We Know What We Know About the Hopewell?

This is a very good video explaining the process of examining artifacts to determine the history of the Hopewell culture. Chillicothe, Ohio is the home of the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park. The Teacher-Ranger-Teacher program has produced this video.